DART - Dupuytren's Advocates for Radiation Therapy

                 A Worldwide Facebook forum led by members to discuss privately how to cope  with the disease and treatment options available

DART is a FREE Facebook group page which aims to serve the needs of the newly diagnosed as well as those who've already gone from diagnosis to treatment.  This is a group of real people that are finding their disease goes into remission when having low dose radiation therapy(RT). 

RT seems to work on appx 85% of suffers but can't be guaranteed and can help relieve the pain and sometimes reduce nodule size.  It is as simple as a dental xray, there is NO cutting, needles, etc.  It takes less than a minute to administer and you go on about your daily lives.  Most patients have it done once in a lifetime. 4 of our 5 forum admins have had tremendous success with low dose radiation therapy (the 5th is still awaiting the right time for RT).  We believe that is an excellent testimony for radiation therapy.

Being newly diagnosed can be bewildering and the learning curve is steep. The good news is that you've landed in the right place to join a forum which has tons of information. Please do not limit yourselves to reading on the main forum page if you choose to join DART. We have a great deal of helpful information in Files and Albums.  We encourage you to read as much as you can before you start treatment.
We have a list of questions for you to take to your first hand consultation with your hand doctor or first radiation oncologist consultation. See the Files tab. We also have a directory of providers that folks across the world have shared with us (here on our website), information on RT aftercare, and so much more.

There is no known cure for Dupuytren's, Ledderhose or Peyronie's diseases, or Garrod's knuckle pads, all of which are linked diseases of connective tissue. Our goal is to be supportive of members who need information about the disease, to direct them to resources and to be empathetic, providing a sense of community with other forum members who share their personal stories.

DART is open to honest and genuine discussion about all issues facing Dupuytren's and Ledderhose patients but our special focus will be on timely intervention with radiation therapy (RT).
This forum is administered by a knowledgeable group of fellow disease sufferers and lay people. The information provided on this page, both in Files and in our daily discussion threads, does not constitute medical advice and it is the responsibility of each forum member to do his own research, including consultations with medical doctors before making any decision about treatment.

We welcome you to post away with any questions along the way and share as much as you can about your disease and treatment experience. Welcome again to our DART community!

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Why is low dose radiation used?
Low dose radiation therapy is used to stop the progression of the disease


Dupuytren's Advocates for Radiation Therapy


DART is a FREE Facebook forum that joins people across the world   that are seeking information on our disease AND possible treatment options for our uncurable, benign disease.


DART was started in 2015 by a group of people who all are afflicted by Dupuytren's and Ledderhose  disease.  They wanted to create a focused forum, led by members for the discussion and advocating for low dose Radiation Therapy (RT). It is our hope that others will share this information and learn of this non-invasive treatment and facilities where  people can get treated WORLDWIDE.  Our forum was quickly embraced by our Dupuytren's and Ledderhose sufferers since RT is our best chance to put our disease into a non-progressive state.We have since added many different types of Doctors, as well as support personnel in the medical field that have wanted to increase their knowledge, learn of treatments available and network with treating physicians to bring treatment to their location.


Joining our forum gives you the ability to directly talk with people that have real life experiences, people who actually have the disease and are navigating living with the disease (and most for years).  To us, we feel this is a source of better information than the physician you may be seeing that may see 1-2 people a year with this disease.  We live with this benign disease everyday and members want to share the many different types of therapy/aids they have used to help live with the disease with the least discomfort or pain.  You may also be a caregiver or have a family member or friend affected by this disease. 


Anyone wanting to learn more about this disease can join You may be a friend or family member, or even caregiver of someone with this disease. It is not uncommon to find Doctors or other medical professionals as part of our group.  These professionals may have our disease, treat our disease or joined to learn more about our disease.  Our forum members liberally share our forum with their providers in hopes these professionals will learn more about our disease and know that other treatment options are available and in turn pass that information onto the patient.


No you do not.  While we feel it is easiest and faster to ask questions and have members respond, we do not have any requirements of your posting your story or any personal information, etc. You are welcome to scroll thru our forum and read thru our huge volume of information  via our FILES tab or our PHOTO album on our forum.

A word about Facebook Groups

There are numerous Facebook Groups for this disease.

With no cure for this disease,  you may find being a member of all of them  may help you 

We do not believe one forum that has more  power, influence or information than another

Expert doctors/Forum Doctors are on all of the Facebook forums to  answer questions

All forums are all admin'd by layman, not a medical provider

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